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MG Music is pleased to welcome Adrian Collier as a new artist for 2018.

Adrian creates audio environments that relax and gently guide the listener on a journey through sound. Combining, evolving and transforming real samples he is able to express and present an imaginary world where your mind can disconnect and roam free. A Lovely place to be, you may never want to leave.  Adrian also performs under the name Auto-Pilot, he has been creating and developing music for decades and his music has surfaced on many TV shows across the world.

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Lost in Fractal Forest

Adrian Collier

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An audio journey from the clear blue Ocean into a tranquil World that is the Fractal Forest. Navigating through mysterious enchanted scenes, guided by a magical Angel, the path you discover will transform your day.

The Fractal Forest is a concept album allowing your mind to flow through seven stages of a wonderfully inspiring journey. Entering Fractal Forest from the hidden cove you will follow the streams towards Rainbow lake, through strange formations encountering the Angel who will take hold and rise with you into the sky.

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