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Dayton lives in Ashland, Oregon where he was born and raised. He began playing Harp for Hospice patients, families, caregivers and their fundraising events in California. At the time he was working as a Non-denominational, inter-faith, Spiritual Counselor for a non-profit Hospice in Northern California. Dayton's musical history extends into his early youth, playing in the orchestra in primary school, a jazz band in high school, progressing through university level training and many other musical projects including touring acts in bands through his twenties. Eventually, he felt the light of music burn very low and stopped playing everything except the guitar, mainly for the occasional Hospice Patient. It wasn't until hearing the beautiful sounds of the harp in new age music, that Dayton found a renewed vigor for music again. The inspiration to learn a whole new instrument for utilitarian purposes, and to give patients a more profound experience of peace was very driving. Dayton quickly picked up the instrument and began writing songs almost immediately with no formal training. He began recording songs and giving CDs to Hospice patients and Nursing facilities. It wasn't long before the Hospice organization and community took notice and asked him to play in events and to record more and more songs. Now, Dayton finds himself busy with everything Harp. Whether it is performing at wineries, weddings, restaurants or other venues, teaching, recording new music or playing Therapeutic Harp.

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Atlantean Sunrise


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Atlantean Sunrise is born from Dayton's desire to help the listener to be evoked by wonder and transported to mythical lands. Track titles such as "Light of Lemuria," "Telosian Forests," "Nightlife in Cascadia" and "Atlantean Sunrise" help to set the stage for the listener to enjoy being serenaded by such an ancient instrument, steeped in mystery and adventure and to leave the soul's imagination feeling uplifted and inspired. Many of the Album's tracks are fused with recordings from nature such as flowing water and birds, also piano, guitar and occasional vocals. Dayton's music is an enticing mix of both new age and classical influences and is sure to help the listener feel inner peace and joy.

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live performance & teaching

Performances are currently being scheduled and are always being updated, so please check his social media to see where you can catch Dayton playing live next. To request Dayton perform at your establishment, please e-mail him at  

            The Harp is becoming more and more commonplace in healthcare settings, because of its proven ability to help people heal and relax. Dayton is passionate about playing for individuals in need and regularly plays at nursing facilities, hospice, home care, retirement villages and other venues where the Harp can be enjoyed by those in need.   

          Dayton is also passionate about teaching and has taught music classes and individual lessons to children and adults for years. He has a fun, unique and engaging style of teaching that will have you writing your own songs, improvising and learning different techniques in no-time. It is so important to educate the community and especially to make the Harp more accessible to younger generations to enjoy playing. One on one lessons in person, or through Skype are available at reasonable prices. Loaner harps are available to locals, so there is no need to own or purchase your own. To schedule a lesson today please e-mail Dayton at