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Shipping is always expensive for everyone,  so we have created this page to help ALL our U.K , European, and Rest of World (USA, Canadian, Australian, & other overseas destinations) customers save money on shipping and costs. 

If you want to buy more than 1 CD, you can benefit from discounted shipping and a FREE CD. 
You can also save by buying multiple downloads. Please consider the following 2, 3, 4 CD and 'Multi Download' offers below. 

First scroll down to the UK - OR - European - OR Rest of world sections appropriate to where you live, then simply Add to cart and buy your selection. In the bottom of the form that appears during checkout, you will see a box headed "Notes". In this box, please list the albums you want.  

Alternatively, you can use the form at the bottom of this page to tell us what albums you want after you have completed checkout.  Click "submit" and leave the rest to us. 

You will receive an instant email receipt confirmation. Please note, download links might take up to 24hrs to reach you.

multiple -MP3 download offers - WORLD-WIDE

buy 4 MP3 albums and get 1 more for FREE
  • buy 4 MP3 albums and get 1 more for FREE
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Buy any 4 MP3 albums and get 1 more for FREE. (5 MP3 abums in total)

Please purchase then use the form below to let us know which 5 albums you would like to receive. They will be sent direct to your email very quickly. A few hours at the most.

  • PLEASE NOTE - A double album counts as 'TWO' albums.
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