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Medwyn has become a legend in the world of new age and instrumental music with over four million album sales to his credit. With 4 Gold Discs, 1 platinum and various other awards among his credits, he has gained an international reputation for being prolific, producing in a variety of styles, but above all composing and recording quite stunning music that is melodic, emotional and highly expressive. His career already spans 30 years, having started with New World Music, progressed with the Dutch label Oreade Music until finally he became independent by launching his own label – MG Music in 2002.

In 2017 Medwyn was presented with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to new age music. As voted by the One World Radio Show international audience.

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The Elixir of Life

Medwyn Goodall

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Music for the soul. Music from beyond this realm that blesses us with magic, grace, love, and peace. Music that fills the home and heart with hope.

From time to time Medwyn Goodall surpasses himself and surprises everyone with something so very new that is quite simply breathtaking.

Performed primarily on two finger plucked acoustic guitars in a way that is so original and instantly beautiful, with wood flute and keyboards playing hauntingly touching melodies.

An absolute must have.

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