Forgotten Worlds - DVD - Wychazel
  • Forgotten Worlds - DVD - Wychazel
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A 2 Disc DVD Set

Region FREE plays in any country.

Welcome to “Forgotton Worlds”.

More than 2 hours of video featuring a selection of music tracks from 15 albums produced, recorded and released by Wychazel between 2013 and 2020.

Originally produced to support new album releases this DVD compilation has been made in response to the many enquiries and requests for these videos to be made available as a physical and collectable product.

“With thanks to Medwyn & Wendy Goodall for constant advice and support throughout my musical rebirth as Wychazel following the demise of Runestone in 2012.

Also to all of you lovely people out there who have been buying my music, for your encouraging feedback and for keeping the dream alive.”


Disc 1

Old Gods & Ancient Stones 10:40 River Song 10:01 The White Fox 9:08 To Dance with Leaves 10:00 A Candle in the Dark of Night 6:18 Yggdrasil 8:47 Realms of Rebirth 10:49

Running time 65:43

Disc 2

Akasha 8:14 The Feathered Cloak 7:44 The Magic lamp 7:04 A Gateless Gate 6:11 Lemuria 10:25 The Healing Light of Isis 7:08 Third Eye Chakra Harmony 7:06 Wildwood Priestess 6:05 The Song of the Wind 8:17

Runnining Time 68.14

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