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Wychazel is the BEST SELLING recording and production alias used by Chris Green. With a career spanning two decades, Chris first appeared on the new age music scene as part of Runestone and has since established himself as an award winning solo artist. His music is highly atmospheric, transporting the listener through vivid soundscapes inspired by the power of ancient sites, ancient cultures and natural landscapes. His unique sound incorporates unusual, authentic and sacred instruments. A popular artist of the New Age genre, one or more of his albums can always be found in the MG top ten.

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xotic Indian sounds, chants and textures unfold against a meditational background of low frequency drones, overtone chant and gentle rhythms. Deeply relaxing, immersive and energizing. Instruments include Tanpura, Sitar, Tablas, Indian Flutes, Synths & Samples.

Ashram is a continuous play album with no silent pauses between tracks.

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