MEDWYN GOODALL MUSIC is a New Age and Contemporary Instrumental record label based in Cornwall in the U.K. 

Founded by the Artist Medwyn Goodall as the center of his music and home to many creative Artists and kindred spirits from all over the world. Together we share our dreams and inspiration to make the world that bit better. 


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NEW releases

Recently released

The Wolfstone

Medwyn Goodall

A euphoric passionate celebration of our ancient roots. Mystical, dramatic and inspiring.

Quite possibly the very best Celtic, styled album Medwyn has produced.

Irish Flute, Tin Whistle, Uillean Pipes, Violin, Dulcimer,  ancient drums, Choir, Viking & Celtic voices, Guitar, Keyboards.

A Pagan Land


A second musical journey inspired by Norse myth and legend. “A Pagan Land” is an atmospheric blend of Celtic and Gaelic musical influences, inviting you to step once more into the domain of ancient Norse gods, pagan landscapes and the revered tree 
of life: Yggdrasil. 

Music With A Gentle Stream - Midori

Music With A Gentle Stream - Midori

Music With Ocean Waves - Midori

Music With Ocean Waves - Midori

Buy Both at a Discount

Buy Both at a Discount