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Paul Sills is a UK based instrumental artist and has become best known for his inspiring, melodic, instrumental New Age music. Since his first release, Astral Doorways, in 2007, Paul has established himself as a main contributor to the New Age music scene. His early influences span many musical genres including artists like U2 through to Medwyn Goodall and Vangelis. Paul’s music has been best described as uplifting, emotional, thoughtful and inspiring. Since joining MG Music, Paul has flourished with a contrasting catalogue of styles including ethereal, mystical, relaxation and electronic.

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New release !

A Quiet Mind

Paul Sills

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We all need that ‘me time’ to rebalance our day. Be it sitting in our favourite chair reading a book, crafting or just lying on the sofa taking a nap. A Quiet Mind is the perfect musical backdrop to any time spent alone.

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Paul Sills

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Uplifting, inspiring and full of energy. An electronic ambience blends with a new age backdrop, immersing you in a soundscape of atmosphere and beats.

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