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Andy Rogers

Hi , I'm Andy Rogers I present several shows for One World Music Radio : a fortnightly new age show called Solitudes, a fortnightly world music show and a monthly Reggae show.  I also write and record my own new age / ambient music. 

I've loved music all my life. In the 60s it was The Beatles, The Moody Blues and The Move. In the 70s I loved the albums by Mike Oldfield, Focus, ELP , Nick Drake and Clifford T Ward. In the 1980's I bought a cassette and discovered New Age Music, on it was a track called "Tideline" from somebody called Medwyn Goodall. I was hooked instantly! Since then I've bought just about everything Medwyn has produced this last 30 years. We've met up many times over the years , I'm proud to call him my friend and have helped him compile albums in the past. 

I'm thrilled Medwyn has asked me to help compile this new series of albums for MG Music - I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy compiling them !

The Andy Rogers shows for One World Music Radio can be heard here

 Andy creates his own music which can be listened to here -

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The White Piano

Andy Rogers

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Gentle and delicate piano, perfomed with grace and emotion.

Perfect for relaxation. Mixed with subtle nature sounds

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