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Guy is a World-Fusion artist and his music can best be defined as vibrant, passionate, spiritual and saturated with melodic warmth and ethnic percussion. It is a fusion of western and exotic styles with clear Indian influences. In order to create these textures, Guy uses many different instruments from all over the world, combined with modern synthesis and technology. In 2014 Guy’s song “Son of Krishna” (taken from the album “Kamadeva”) was used in the Hollywood movie “The Letters”, starring Juliet Stevenson, Rutger Hauer and Max von Sydow. The movie tells the story of Mother Teresa.

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A wonderful and insightful interview with Guy Sweens in his studio produced by Dutch TV. (English subtitles)

Listen to how Guy works and explains how a modern studio works demonstrating various sounds, instruments and tracks from his albums 
"Moon Magic" and "Karmic Journey"

Moon Magic

Guy Sweens

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“When the sky is clear at night, it’s just stunning and inspiring to watch the full moon. Being the closest celestial body to the Earth, the position of the moon has great influence on human live, natural cycles, the environment and on animals in many different ways. The Moon reflects the energy of the Sun and this way links our innerworld to the outer one. It influences our perception of reality forming our character and personality. There are 8 moon phases that all have their own characteristics and influence all the life on our planet in different ways. Each phase lasting for about three and half days when the Moon moves approximatively forty-five degrees forward. For this album I composed 8 songs and each song represents a specific phase of the moon.

Enjoy the magical journey!” - Guy Sweens

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